Morphological characteristics of udders as selection criteria for improvement of mammary gland health and productivity of sheep. 1. Variability and genetic parameters of udder morphological traits
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Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Warsaw Agricultural University, Przejazd 4, 05-840 Brwinów, Poland
Publication date: 1993-06-21
J. Anim. Feed Sci. 1993;2(3):105–116
The variability of morphological traits of sheep udders was studied in the Polish Lowland, Polish Merino and Polish Highland sheep, which are bred for different purposes. Beside differences among breeds, intrabreed differences were found as regards the analyzed traits. The ewes of the breeds studied differed as regards udders shape and frequency of such anomalies as asymmetry of udder lobes or extra teats. The genetic parameters (heritability, repeatability and correlation) evaluated had moderate to high values, depending on the trait. This indicates a possibility of selection for improvement of udder health and shape and for increased productivity.
Udder Morphometry and Its Relationship with Intramammary Infections and Somatic Cell Count in Serrana Goats
Gisele Margatho, Hélder Quintas, Vicente Rodríguez-Estévez, João Simões