The present study was conducted to determine and confirm the effect of dietary supplementation of Bacillus licheniformis DSM 28710 spores on productive performance, egg quality and nutrient excretion in laying hens. A total of 375 Lohmann Brown laying hens (initial body weight 1.70 kg), aged 25 to 44 weeks, were used in this study. Hens were randomly allotted to 1 of 3 dietary treatments: CON (basal diet), BL0.5 (basal diet plus 0.5 g/kg B. licheniformis DSM 28710) and BL1.0 (basal diet plus 1.0 g/kg B. licheniformis DSM 28710) consisting of 25 replicate cages, 5 hens each. Overall, the results of the present study demonstrated that supplementation of 0.5 g/kg B. licheniformis DSM 28710 significantly improved the feed conversion ratio and egg mass (P < 0.05) compared to control and 1.0 g/kg B. licheniformis DSM 28710. However, no significant differences in other performance parameters were observed between treatments (P > 0.05). Supplementation with different levels of B. licheniformis DSM 28710 was effective in improving egg quality by increasing shell thickness, Haugh unit (P < 0.05) and dirty egg percentage (P < 0.05). Moisture and protein contents of excreta were also significantly reduced by 0.5 g/kg B. licheniformis DSM 28710 supplementation (P < 0.05), while ash content was increased (P < 0.05). Overall, supplementation with B. licheniformis DSM 28710 at a dose of 0.5 g/kg provided a probiotic effect leading to improved egg mass, feed efficiency and egg quality, as well as lower protein content in excreta in Lohmann brown hens fed a barley and sunflower meal-based diet.
The authors would like to thank Huvepharma N.V for supplying the probiotic B-Act®. We also deeply thank Mr. Wouter Van der Veken, MSc, for his valuable contributions in editing the manuscript in English.
The Authors declare that there is no conflict of interest.
大麦向日葵粉日粮中添加益生菌地衣芽孢杆菌DSM 28710对 蛋鸡的生产性能、蛋品质和排泄物组成的影响
摘要: 本研究旨在检测并确定日粮中添加地衣芽孢杆菌DSM 28710 (B. licheniformis DSM 28710) 孢子对蛋鸡生 产性能、蛋品质和养分排泄的影响。本研究共使用25375只罗曼褐蛋鸡 (初始体重1.70 kg),年龄约25 ~ 44周 龄。将蛋鸡随机分成3组,分别为:CON:基础饮食、BL0.5:基础饮食 + 0.5 g/kg (B. licheniformis DSM 28710) 和BL1.0:基础饮食+1.0 g/kg (B. licheniformis DSM 28710),包括25个重复,每重复5只母鸡。本研究的结果表 明,与对照组和BL1.0组相比,BL1.0组显著提高了饲料转化率和蛋品质 (P < 0.05)。而各处理之间的其他性 能参数没有显著差异 (P > 0.05)。添加不同水平的B. licheniformis DSM 28710可通过增加蛋壳厚度、Haugh单位 (P < 0.05) 和脏蛋率 (P < 0.05) 有效改善鸡蛋品质。添加0.5 g/kg B. licheniformis DSM 28710后,排泄物的水分和蛋 白质含量也显著降低 (P < 0.05),而灰分含量则显著增加 (P < 0.05)。总体而言,以0.5 g/kg的剂量补充B. licheniformis DSM 28710可发挥出益生菌效果,从而提高蛋重、饲料效率和蛋品质,以及降低以大麦和葵花籽粕为基 础的日粮喂养的罗曼褐蛋鸡的排泄物中的蛋白质含量。
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