meta-analysis was performed to investigate the effect of different sources and levels of dietary fibre-rich ingredients on the growth performance, foie gras quality, and its fatty acid profile in geese. Peer-reviewed articles were strictly evaluated, and selected according to the protocols of the Systematic Review for Laboratory Animal Experimentation (SYRCLE’). The final dataset consisted of 21 in vivo studies covering 83 treatment units. Meta-analysis was performed using a non-linear mixed model (NLME) library. The quadratic patterns (P < 0.001) of the gain:feed ratios were calculated based on the result of meta-analyses of goose data. The linear patterns (P < 0.001) of foie gras quality were also presented. It was concluded from the meta-analysis based on in vivo studies that fibre-rich ingredients effectively improved foie gras quality.
The Authors are grateful to the Faculty of Animal Science, University of Brawijaya for fully funding this study.
The Authors declare that there is no conflict of interest.
饲料中富含纤维的成分对鹅生长性能、血液特征、鹅肝品 质及其脂肪酸特征的影响:一项荟萃分析
摘要: 采用Meta分析方法,研究了不同来源和水平的高纤维日粮对鹅生长性能、鹅肥肝品质及其脂肪酸组成 的影响。同行评审的文章经过严格的评估,并根据实验动物实验系统评价(Systematic Review for Laboratory Animal Experimentation,SYRCLE)的规程进行选择。最终的数据集包括21项体内研究,涵盖83个处理单元。采用 非线性混合模型(Non-linear mixed model,NLME)库进行Meta分析。根据数据的Meta分析结果,计算出料重 比的二次曲线(P < 0.001)。并给出了鹅肥肝品质的线性模型(P < 0.001)。基于体内试验的荟萃分析得出 结论,富含纤维的成分有效地改善了鹅肥肝的品质。
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