Chemical composition of rape seed from low glucosinolate varieties grown in Poland
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Central Laboratory of Feed Industry, Chmielna 2, 20-079 Lublin, Poland
Publication date: 1994-02-21
J. Anim. Feed Sci. 1994;3(1):57-64
Basal nutrients, fatty acids, macro-and microelements, and antinutrients: glucosinolates, tannins and phytates, were determined in 26 samples of sowing seed of 5 varieties of low glucosinolate rape obtained from local branches of Seed Company covering an area of Poland. Amino acids, carotene, and xanthophyll were assayed in pooled samples of each variety. The differences among the samples representing each variety were rather small. Crude protein content was from 19.1 to 22.7% DM, in Libravo and Bolko varieties, respectively, lysine from 6.48 to 7.30 g/16 g N , substantial intervarietal differences in erucic acid content were found; mean value was 0.99%. Aliphatic glucosinolate content ranged from 8.1 in Bolko to 15.7 µmol/g defatted matter in Ceres and was closely correlated with sulphur content. Phytic phosphorus comprised 74.8% of total P content.
Influence of rapeseed meal on productivity and health of broiler chicks
Z. Janječić, D. Grbeša, S. Mužic, et al.
Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
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