Sodium monensin or propolis extract in the diets of feedlot-finished bulls: effects on animal performance and carcass characteristics
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State University of Maringá, Department of Animal Science - Science grant - CNPq, Av. Colombo, 5790 - CEP 87020-900 - Maringá, Paraná, Brazil
State University of Maringá, Department of Animal Science, Av. Colombo, 5790 - CEP 87020-900 - Maringá, Paraná, Brazil
Federal University of Recôncavo of Bahia, Department of Animal Science, Bahia, Brazil
Publication date: 2011-03-12
Corresponding author
I. N. Prado   

State University of Maringá, Department of Animal Science, Av. Colombo, 5790 - CEP 87020-900 - Maringá, Paraná, Brazil
J. Anim. Feed Sci. 2011;20(1):16-25
This study evaluates the effects of three diets: a control (CON), containing sodium monensin (MON) and containing propolis extract (PRO). The performance of 33 feedlot-finished bulls, 11 for each diet, and carcass characteristics were examined. The 27 months old bulls, with initial liveweight 400±2.33 kg, were kept in a feedlot for 84 days, till 484±6.76 kg at slaughter. The roughage and concentrate ratio of the diets was 52:48 on DM basis. Maize silage was used as roughage and maize, soyabean meal, urea, mineral salt and limestone were used as concentrate. The average final weight (501 kg), hot carcass weight (275 kg) and average daily gain (1.17 kg) were higher (P<0.05) for bulls fed with PRO than for those on the CON (472, 259 and 0.87 kg, respectively), or MON (480, 259 and 0.94 kg, respectively) diets. Dry matter conversion was better (P<0.05) for bulls fed with PRO (8.04) than those on the CON (10.9) or MON (9.72) diets. Carcass characteristics such as conformation, carcass length, leg length, cushion thickness, Longissimus muscle area, Longissimus muscle area/100 kg of liveweight, fat thickness, colour, texture and marbling were not influenced (P>0.05) by the treatments.
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