Nutritive value of faba bean hulls for ruminants
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Institute of Animal Nutrition and Feed Management, Olsztyn University of Agriculture and Technology, Oczapowskiego 5, 10-718 Olsztyn, Poland
Publication date: 1996-07-09
J. Anim. Feed Sci. 1996;5(3):225–233
Faba bean hulls (var. Nadwiślański) contain approximately, %: CP 14.1, CF 39.6, NDF 54.3, ADF 53.0 and 6.75 mg kg-1 DM condensed tannins. UFL and UFU level was 0.71 vs 0.62; PDIN and PDIE 91g vs 100g kg-1 DM, respectively. The effective ruminal degradability (ERD) of DM, OM, CP and NDF amounted to 25, 29, 52 and 7%, respectively. Faba bean hulls fed at the rate of 18.3% DM of the diet decreased crude protein digestibility (P < 0.01) and increased N-retention (3.8 g vs 5.5 g) in growing sheep. Significantly higher glucose level and decreased urea content in blood serum has been found within experimental animals.
Utilization of synchrotron-based and globar-sourced mid-infrared spectroscopy for faba nutritional research about molecular structural and nutritional interaction
Ming Yan, Víctor Guevara-Oquendo, María Rodríguez-Espinosa, Jen-Chieh Yang, Herbert Lardner, David Christensen, Xin Feng, Peiqiang Yu
Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition