Intraruminal administration of two doses of quebracho tannins to sheep: effect on rumen degradation and total tract digestibility, faecal recovery and toxicity
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Estación Agrícola Experimental, Spanish Council for Scientifc Research (CSIC), Apdo. 788, 24080-León, Spain
G. Hervás   

Estación Agrícola Experimental, Spanish Council for Scientifc Research (CSIC), Apdo. 788, 24080-León, Spain
Publication date: 2004-01-14
J. Anim. Feed Sci. 2004;13(1):111–120
Nine rumen fistulated ewes fed lucerne hay were intra-ruminally dosed for a period of 51 days with 0 (Q0), 35 (Q1) and 70 (Q2) g of quebracho condensed tannin (CT) extract/kg feed daily. Lucerne hay in situ DM, N and NDF 24 h disappearance were significantly lower (P<0.05) in those sheep dosed with the highest level of quebracho extract (Q2) compared with the other two groups (Q0 and Q1). The rumen ammonia-N concentration was also lower in groups treated with quebracho. Neither of the doses affected in vivo DM, NDF or ADF digestibility. However, both reduced apparent CP digestibility (P<0.01). Faecal analyses showed a 30% recovery of the administered CT, regardless of the dose (P>0.10). There were no signs of intoxication by tannins in any of the treatments.
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