The present meta-analysis aimed to evaluate the effect of pelleted feeding on the growth and performance of small ruminants using a meta-analysis. The database was developed based on 29 studies containing 54 experiments. The data were analysed using the OpenMEE software, considering differences in pelleted feeding as fixed effects and individual studies as random effects. The results showed that the pelleted feed form enhanced dry matter intake (P < 0.05) and increased average daily gain of small ruminants (P < 0.05) as compared to the unpelleted form. Digestion of dry matter, organic matter and fiber was significantly lower for the pellet feed form (P < 0.05). In conclusion, pelleted feed can improve production performance of small ruminants, but it reduces nutrient digestibility.
This study was fully funded by the IPB University.
The Authors declare that there is no conflict of interest.
颗粒化和非颗粒化饲料对小型反刍动物生产性能和消化的 比较:荟萃分析
摘要:本研究旨在通过荟萃分析评估颗粒饲料对小型反刍动物生长和生产性能的影响。本荟萃分析是基于 29项研究,共54个实验的实验结果荟萃而成。使用OpenMEE软件分析数据,将颗粒化饲料的差异视为固定效 应,将单独的每个研究视为随机效应。结果表明,与无颗粒化饲料相比,颗粒化饲料提高了小型反刍动物 的干物质摄入量(P < 0.05),并提高了平均日增重(P < 0.05)。颗粒化饲料的干物质、有机物质和纤维消 化率显著降低(P < 0.05)。总之,颗粒化饲料可以提高小型反刍动物的生产性能,但会降低营养物质的消 化率。
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Supplementation of graded levels of rumen-protected choline to a pelleted total mixed ration did not improve the growth and slaughter performance of fattening lambs
Qin Huo, Xuezhao Sun, Tingting Wu, Zelin Li, Arjan Jonker, Peihua You, Rongquan Li, Jianping Li, Wannian Tian, Changsheng Li, Chunqing Wang, Yuhua He, Innocent Rugoho, Long Cheng, Meng You
Frontiers in Veterinary Science
Effects of physical forms of a high grain-based diet on fattening performance, ruminal health, feeding behaviour, nutrient digestibility and carcass traits of finishing Lohi lambs
Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Rashid, Muhammad Yousaf, Saima Naveed, Imran Mohsin, Habib Rehman, Juan Loor
Archives of Animal Nutrition
Feed intake, feeding behavior, growth performance, nutrient digestibility, and carcass characteristics of goats fed pelleted total mixed rations with varying Rhodes hay levels
Muhammad Malik, Xuezhao Sun, Muhammad Rashid, Muhammad Sohail, Muhammad Yousaf, Habib Rehman, Imran Mohsin, Jianping Li
Small Ruminant Research
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