This study was conducted to assess the inclusion of varying levels of Moringa oleifera leaf meal (MOLM) on nutrients digestibility, feed intake, growth rate and serum metabolites of New Zealand white weaned rabbits (NZWR). Sixty-four (64) male NZWR (600 ± 8.58 g body weight, 28 days old) were raised on four isonitrogenous and isoenergetic diets formulated by adding MOLM at 0% (MOLM0), 5% (MOLM5), 10% (MOLM10) and 15% (MOLM15) in a factorial arrangement. There was a significant quadratic trend for fibre digestibility (y = 21.5 (± 0.04) − 0.58 (± 0.01) x + 0.03 (± 0.0008) x2; R2 = 0.99), and fat digestibility linearly increased (y = 3.9 (± 0.34) − 0.07 (± 0.11) x) with MOLM levels. The analysis of repeated measures showed a significant interaction effect of diet × week on weekly feed intake and growth performance. Feed intake demonstrated a linear trend, whilst weight gain and feed conversion ratio showed both linear and quadratic trend; however, the protein efficiency ratio exhibited a quadratic tendency. There were no significant linear and quadratic dependencies for serum biochemical components with the exception of aspartate aminotransferase and albumen. Therefore, it can be concluded that MOLM can be incorporated (up to 15%) in rabbit diets without any adverse effect on growth performance parameters.
We are grateful to Opti Feeds (South Africa) and Coniglio Rabbit Meat Farm (Pty) Ltd for outstanding contribution and assistance.
The Authors declare that there is no conflict of interest.
日粮添加辣木叶粉对断奶新西兰兔生长性能和血液生化指 标的影响
摘要:本研究旨在评估不同日粮水平的辣木叶粉(Moringa oleifera leaf meal, MOLM)对新西兰断奶白兔 (NZWR)营养物质消化率、采食量、生长速度和血清代谢产物的影响。64只雄性NZWR(体重600±8.58 克,28日龄)在等氮、等能日粮条件下饲养,实验采用因子排列设计方法,将实验动物按MOLM日粮添加 量不同分为: 0%(MOLM0)、5%(MOLM5)、10%(MOLM10)和15%(MOLM15)四组进行饲养实验。结 果显示,随日粮MOLM含量增加,纤维消化率[y=21.5(±0.04)–0.58(±0.01)x+0.03(±0.0008)x2;R2=0.99]呈 显著的二次趋势,脂肪消化率呈线性增加[y=3.9(±0.34)–0.07(±0.11)x] 。重复测量分析显示,日粮×饲喂 周对周采食量和生长性能有显著的交互作用。采食量呈线性趋势,增重和饲料转化率呈线性和二次趋势; 然而,蛋白质效率比呈二次趋势。除天冬氨酸转氨酶和蛋白外,血清生化成分没有显著的线性和二次依赖 性。结果表明,高达15%的MOLM可以被添加入兔日粮中而不会对其生长性能参数产生任何不利影响。
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Carcass characteristics and meat quality of weaned New Zealand rabbits supplemented with Moringa oleifera leaves meal
Mankga William, Hilda Mokoboki, Freddy Manyeula, Monnye Mabelebele, Nthabiseng Sebola
Italian Journal of Animal Science
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