GH and milking frequency act differently on mammary cells
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INRA-Agrocampus Rennes,UMR sur la Production du Lait, 35590 St. Gilles, France
INRA, Neurobiologie de l’Olfaction et Prise Alimentaire, 78352 Jouy en Josas, France
Publication date: 2004-08-30
Corresponding author
M. Boutinaud   

INRA-Agrocampus Rennes,UMR sur la Production du Lait, 35590 St. Gilles, France
J. Anim. Feed Sci. 2004;13(Suppl. 1):467-470
Milk yield can be affected by treatment with growth hormone (GH) and/or changes in milking frequency. Our study provides evidence that the mechanisms underlying these changes involved the modulation of mammary cell numbers in goats. Milking thrice daily (3X) compared with once daily (1X) for 23 days significantly affected milk yield, udder weight, the number of mammary epithelial cells and the level of the Bcl-2/Bax mRNA ratio, suggesting that 3X limits apoptosis when compared with 1X. GH treatment acted only on udder weight. These results demonstrate that milking frequency and GH act differently on epithelial cell number inside the alveoli.
Unilateral once daily milking locally induces differential gene expression in both mammary tissue and milk epithelial cells revealing mammary remodeling
Marion Boutinaud, Laurent Galio, Vanessa Lollivier, Laurence Finot, Sandra Wiart, Diane Esquerré, Eve Devinoy
Physiological Genomics
Insulin-like growth factor binding proteins initiate cell death and extracellular matrix remodeling in the mammary gland
D.J. Flint, M. Boutinaud, E. Tonner, C.J. Wilde, W. Hurley, P.A. Accorsi, A.F. Kolb, C.B.A. Whitelaw, J. Beattie, G.J. Allan
Domestic Animal Endocrinology
Alpha-ketoglutarate enhances milk protein synthesis by porcine mammary epithelial cells
Qian Jiang, Liuqin He, Yongqing Hou, Jiashun Chen, Yehui Duan, Dun Deng, Guoyao Wu, Yulong Yin, Kang Yao
Amino Acids
Three lactation-related hormones: Regulation of hypothalamus-pituitary axis and function on lactation
Yifan Ni, Qiangqiang Chen, Jianfeng Cai, Lixia Xiao, Jinzhi Zhang
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