Endogenous N losses at the terminal ileum of young piglets fed diets based on four different protein sources
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Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences, Animal Nutrition Group, Marijkeweg 40, 6709 PG Wageningen, The Netherlands
Research Institute for the Biology of Farm Animals, Department of Nutritional Physiology "Oskar Kellner", Justus von Liebig- Weg 2, 18059 Rostock, Germany
Publication date: 1997-05-15
J. Anim. Feed Sci. 1997;6(2):219-234
Fourteen piglets, initially weighing 8 kg, were each fitted with a Post Valve T-Caecum (PVTC) cannula and two catheters, one in a jugular vein and one in a carotid artery. Piglets received one of four experimental diets containing either skimmilk powder (SMP), soyabean meal (SBM), soya protein isolate (SI) or fish meal (FM) as the sole protein source; the crude protein content in the diets was from about 17 to 18.4% of DM. The diets were given in equal amounts at 12 h intervals. 15N-L-leucine was intravenously infused continuously at a rate of about 40 mg 15N-L-leucine per kg body weight per day. Apparent and true faecal nitrogen (N) digestibilities were 94.0 and 97.3, 84.0 and 93.5, 90.8, and 98.1 and 89.1 and 96.4% for the SMP, the SBM, the SI and the F M diets, respectively. Daily endogenous faecal N losses were 315, 963, 715 and 697 mg and daily endogenous ileal N losses were 786, 1422, 1970 and 1558 mg for diets SMP, SBM, SI and FM, respectively. Apparent ileal nitrogen (N) digestibilities were 84.4, 76.5, 78.4 and 73.0%, true ileal N digestibilities were 92.7, 90.6, 98.4 and 89.3% for diets SMP, SBM, SI and FM, respectively. It was concluded that true N digestibilities were high for all four protein sources, both at the ileal and at the faecal level. Differences in apparent N digestibility were mainly caused by differences in endogenous N secretion.
Physiological approaches to determining gut endogenous amino acid flows in the mammal
P.J. Moughan, W.B. Souffrant, S.M. Hodgkinson
Archiv für Tierernaehrung
Presence of indigestible peptide aggregates of soybean meal in pig ileal digesta residue
Morten Fischer, Alphons GJ Voragen, Sander R Piersma, Lene V Kofod, Christian I Joergensen, Patrick Guggenbuhl, Carlos S Nunes, Harry Gruppen
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
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