Comparative in vitro evaluation of forage legumes (prosopis, acacia, atriplex, and leucaena) on ruminal fermentation and methanogenesis
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Laboratory of Animal Nutrition, Centre for Nuclear Energy in Agriculture, University of Sao Paulo, 13400-970 Sao Paulo, Brazil
Animal Production Department, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Alexandria, 21545 Alexandria, Egypt
Agricultural Research Centre, Animal Production Research Institute, 23713 Dokki, Egypt
Publication date: 2012-11-10
Corresponding author
Y. A. Soltan   

Laboratory of Animal Nutrition, Centre for Nuclear Energy in Agriculture, University of Sao Paulo, 13400-970 Sao Paulo, Brazil; Animal Production Department, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Alexandria, 21545 Alexandria, Egypt
J. Anim. Feed Sci. 2012;21(4):759-772
Two experiments in vitro were conducted to evaluate four Egyptian forage legume browses, i.e., leaves of prosopis (Prosopis juliflora), acacia (Acacia saligna), atriplex (Atriplex halimus), and leucaena (Leucaena leucocephala), in comparison with Tifton (Cynodon sp.) grass hay for their gas production, methanogenic potential, and ruminal fermentation using a semi-automatic system for gas production (first experiment) and for ruminal and post ruminal protein degradability (second experiment). Acacia and leucaena showed pronounced methane inhibition compared with Tifton, while prosopis and leucaena decreased the acetate:propionate ratio (P<0.01). Acacia and leucaena presented a lower (P<0.01) ruminal NH3-N concentration associated with the decreasing (P<0.01) ruminal protein degradability. Leucaena, however, showed higher (P<0.01) intestinal protein digestibility than acacia. This study suggests that the potential methanogenic properties of leguminous browses may be related not only to tannin content, but also to other factors.
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