A review of efficiency of nitrogen utilisation in lactating dairy cows and its relationship with environmental pollution
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The University of Reading, Centre for Dairy Research, Department of Agriculture, Earley Gate, P.O.Box 236, Reading RG6 6AT, United Kingdom
Present address: EEA Rafaela INTA Casilla de correo 22, (2300) Rafaela, Santa Fe, Argentina
Publication date: 2000-01-13
Corresponding author
E. Kebreab
The University of Reading, Centre for Dairy Research, Department of Agriculture, Earley Gate, P.O.Box 236, Reading RG6 6AT, United Kingdom
J. Anim. Feed Sci. 2000;9(1):1-32
The objective of this paper is to review the literature concerning nitrogen utilisation in lactating dairy cows with an emphasis on their contribution to environmental pollution. Nitrogen, as oxides or ammonia, is one of the green houses gases contributing to air pollution and through leaching to rivers and ground water resources. A quantitative analysis of the contribution of dairy cows to pollution at the farm level is given and the effect of different types of carbohydrate and protein supplementation discussed. The relationship between nitrogen intake and nitrogen balance was investigated using data from 580 dairy cows and 90 treatments published in the literature. Regression analysis described the relationships between nitrogen intake and output in faeces, urine and milk. Inefficient utilisation of nitrogen by dairy cows indicates that about 72% of consumed nitrogen is excreted in faeces and urine. There were positive linear relationships between nitrogen intake and output in faeces, urine and milk up to an intake of 400 g N/d. However, above 400 g N/d, excretion in urine increased exponentially while the rate of increase in nitrogen excretion in faeces and milk declined linearly. To reduce nitrogen pollution, it is recommended to decrease the amount of crude protein in the total diet to approximately 150 g/kg DM which compared with levels of 200 g/crude protein/kg DM consumption can reduce annual nitrogen excretion in faeces by 21% and more importantly in urine by 66%. Management practices with respect to silage making and the choice of supplements need to be considered with the aim of reducing total nitrogen in excreta and if possible shifting nitrogen excretion from urine to faeces.
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Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment
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Dairy Manure Type, Application Rate, and Frequency Impact Plants and Soils
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Tannin Extracts Abate Ammonia Emissions from Simulated Dairy Barn Floors
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The potential effectiveness of four different options to reduce environmental impacts of grazed pastures. A model-based assessment
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Ammonia Emissions from Differing Manure Storage Facilities at Two Midwestern Free-Stall Dairies
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Animal Harms and Food Production: Informing Ethical Choices
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Holstein dairy cows with high phosphorus utilization efficiency fed a low phosphorous diet secreted less phosphorus with urine but more with milk and feces
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Amino Acids Supplementation for the Milk and Milk Protein Production of Dairy Cows
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Estimation of Nitrogen Use Efficiency for Ryegrass-Fed Dairy Cows: Model Development Using Diet- and Animal-Based Proxy Measures
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Data in Brief
Animal as the Solution: Searching for Environmentally Friendly Dairy Cows
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In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of the Effects of a Compound Based on Plants, Yeast and Trace Elements on the Ruminal Function of Dairy Cows
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Emerging Issues in Climate Smart Livestock Production
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Effects of water saving and nitrogen reduction on the yield, quality, water and nitrogen use efficiency of Isatis indigotica in Hexi Oasis
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Scientific Reports
Élevages et environnement
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Constraints on the utilization of cereal straw in lactating dairy cows: A review from the perspective of systems biology
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Effects of increased doses of lysine in a rumen-protected form on plasma amino acid concentration and lactational performance of dairy cows fed a lysine-deficient diet
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Cell signalling compound improves pasture and livestock productivity and the environment
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Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems
Nitrogen Excretion by Dairy Cows Grazing Plantain (Plantago lanceolata) Based Pastures during the Lactating Season
Soledad Navarrete, María Rodriguez, David Horne, James Hanly, Mike Hedley, Peter Kemp
Replacement of soybean meal with alternative protein sources in the concentrate supplement for lactating Holstein × Gyr cows in an intensive tropical pasture-based system: effects on performance, milk composition, and diurnal ingestive behavior
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Creating a Design Framework to Diagnose and Enhance Grassland Health under Pastoral Livestock Production Systems
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Evaluation of Urine Nitrogen Excretion as the Measure of the Environmental Load and the Efficiency of Nitrogen Utilization
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Folia Veterinaria
Supplementation of exogenous β-mannanase to low-protein diets improves feed conversion efficiency in lactating dairy cows
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Animal Production Science
Greenhouse gas balances and yield-scaled emissions for storage and field application of organic fertilizers derived from cattle manure
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Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment
Combining field and laboratory approaches to quantify N assimilation in a soil microbe-plant-animal grazing land system
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Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment
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Revista Brasileira de Agroecologia
Feeding cows with agroecologically diets: intake, digestibility, ruminal fermentation and N-utilisation
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New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research
Effect of low dietary concentrations of Acacia mearnsii tannin extract on chewing, ruminal fermentation, digestibility, nitrogen partition, and performance of dairy cows
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The effect of a zero-grazed perennial ryegrass, perennial ryegrass and white clover, or multispecies forage on the dry matter intake, milk production and nitrogen utilization of dairy cows in mid-late lactation
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Livestock Science
Environmental and Economic Responses to Precision Feed Management in Dairy Cattle Diets
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Effects of Amount and Profile of Amino Acids Supply on Lactation Performance, Mammary Gland Metabolism, and Nitrogen Efficiency in Holstein Dairy Cows
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Effectiveness of precision feeding in reducing N excretion in dairy cattle
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Animal Feed Science and Technology
Bacterial community structure in the rumen and hindgut is associated with nitrogen efficiency in Holstein cows
La De, H. Paz
Scientific Reports
Enteric and manure emissions from Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle fed grass silage-based or corn silage-based diets
Gastelen van, van Jan, André Bannink
Journal of Dairy Science
Autumn grass treated with a hydrolysable tannin extract versus lactic acid bacteria inoculant: Effects on silage fermentation characteristics and nutritional value and on performance of lactating dairy cows
den Van, Karen Goossens, Geert Haesaert, Eva Wambacq, Leen Vandaele, Boever De
Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition
Cow-level factors associated with nitrogen utilization in grazing dairy cows using a cross-sectional analysis of a large database.
E. Tavernier, I.C. Gormley, L. Delaby, S. McParland, M. O'Donovan, D.P. Berry
Journal of Dairy Science
Nitrogen balance in dairy cows fed low-nitrogen diets based on various proportions of fresh grass and maize silage
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Nitrogen efficiency in cows fed red clover- or alfalfa-silage-based diets differing in rumen-degradable protein supply
M. Leduc, R. Gervais, P.Y. Chouinard
Animal - Open Space
Impact of adding tannins or medium-chain fatty acids in a dairy cow diet on variables of in vitro fermentation using a rumen simulation technique (RUSITEC) system
Analía Pérez-Ruchel, Alejandro Britos, Amayri Alvarado, Sofía Fernández-Ciganda, Frederik Gadeyne, Mariana Bustos, Pablo Zunino, Cecilia Cajarville
Animal Feed Science and Technology
Shoot nitrogen concentrations required for optimal herbage growth of multiple perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) cultivars relative to modern summer‐active cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata L.) and tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.) cultivars
Adam Langworthy, Ross Corkrey, Richard Rawnsley, James Hills
Grass and Forage Science
Longitudinal characterization of the metabolome of dairy cows transitioning from one lactation to the next one: Investigations in blood serum
M.H. Ghaffari, J.B. Daniel, H. Sadri, S. Schuchardt, J. Martín-Tereso, H. Sauerwein
Journal of Dairy Science
Predicting fiber digestibility in Holstein dairy cows fed dry-hay based rations through machine learning
D. Cavallini, E. Raffrenato, L.M.E. Mammi, A. Palmonari, G. Canestrari, A. Costa, G. Visentin, A. Formigoni
Relationships between dietary factors and nitrogen partitioning to milk and urine in temperate grazing dairy cattle
David Pacheco, Chris Glassey, Charissa Thomas, Stewart Ledgard, Lisa Box, Brendon Welten, Paul Shorten
New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research
Use of reclaimed urban wastewater for the production of hydroponic barley forage: water characteristics, feed quality and effects on health status and production of lactating cows
Luigi Ceci, Maria Cavalera, Francesco Serrapica, Francia Di, Felicia Masucci, Grazia Carelli
Frontiers in Veterinary Science
The effects of raw and steam-pressure toasted faba bean seeds on the production performance in high-lactating dairy cows
María Espinosa, Víctor Oquendo, David Christensen, Peiqiang Yu
Canadian Journal of Animal Science
Variation in individual milk production responses to supplementary protein feeding with two types of forages
A. Sairanen, P. Huhtanen
Livestock Science
Effect of physically effective fibre on chewing behaviour, ruminal fermentation, digesta passage and protein metabolism of dairy cows
R. Heering, R. Baumont, N. Selje-Aßmann, U. Dickhoefer
The Journal of Agricultural Science
Condensed tannins fed to dairy goats: effects on digestibility, milk production, blood parameters, methane emission, and energy and nitrogen balances
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Journal of Dairy Science
Implementing plantain (Plantago lanceolata) to mitigate the impact of grazing ruminants on nitrogen losses to the environment: A review
J. B. Pinxterhuis, H. G. Judson, M. E. Peterson, S. Navarrete, E. Minnée, M. B. Dodd, S. R. Davis
Grass and Forage Science
Effect of supplementing an α-amylase enzyme or a blend of essential oil components on the performance, nutrient digestibility and nitrogen balance of dairy cows
T. Van den Bossche, K. Goossens, B. Ampe, L.F.M. Tamassia, J.L. De Boever, L. Vandaele
Journal of Dairy Science
Multi-tissue gene expression profiling of cows with a genetic predisposition for low and high milk urea levels
Henry Reyer, Hanne Honerlagen, Michael Oster, Siriluck Ponsuksili, Björn Kuhla, Klaus Wimmers
Animal Biotechnology
Effects of heating soybeans on postruminal amino acid bioavailability, performance, and ruminal fermentation in lactating cows
Emily A Petzel, Subash Acharya, Evan C Titgemeyer, Eric A Bailey, Derek W Brake
Journal of Animal Science
Effects of replacing corn silage and soybean meal with an increasing percentage of fresh herbage on dairy cow nitrogen use efficiency and flows
Manon Ferreira, Rémy Delagarde, Nadège Edouard
Animal Science Journal
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