A comparison of the growth and carcass traits between dairy and dairy × beef breed crossbred heifers reared for beef production
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MTT Agrifood Research Finland, Animal Production Research, Tutkimusasemantie 15, FI-92400 Ruukki, Finland
Savonia University of Applied Sciences, P.O. Box 72, FI-74101 Iisalmi, Finland
Publication date: 2013-09-02
Corresponding author
A. Huuskonen   

MTT Agrifood Research Finland, Animal Production Research, Tutkimusasemantie 15, FI-92400 Ruukki, Finland
J. Anim. Feed Sci. 2013;22(3):188-196
The objective of the study was to determine beef production traits of dairy and dairy × beef breed crossbred heifers. The data from Finnish slaughterhouses included observations of 14 221 Nordic Red (NR), 6 348 Holstein-Friesian (Hol), 1 626 NR × Aberdeen Angus (NR × Ab), 1 136 NR × Blonde d’Aquitaine (NR × Ba), 802 NR × Charolais (NR × Ch), 487 NR × Hereford (NR × Hf), 3 699 NR × Limousin (NR × Li), 827 NR × Simmental (NR × Si), 531 Hol × Ab, 467 Hol × Ba, 438 Hol × Ch, 186 Hol × Hf, 1 249 Hol × Li and 393 Hol × Si heifers. Crossbreeding with late maturing beef breeds (Ba, Ch, Li, Si) had favourable effects both on daily carcass gain and carcass quality traits (conformation, proportion of high value joints) of the progeny when compared to purebred dairy heifers. No advantages in proportion of high value joints seemed to be obtained by crossbreeding dairy cows with Ab or Hf breeds, while the improvements in daily carcass gain and carcass conformation score were intermediate compared to the late maturing crossbreds.
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