The energy and protein value of double-low rape seeds for growing pigs
S. Raj 1
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The Kielanowski Institute of Animal Physiology and Nutrition, Polish Academy of Sciences, 05-110 Jabłonna, Poland
Publication date: 1993-06-21
J. Anim. Feed Sci. 1993;2(1-2):27-34
Groups of 12 growing Landrace pigs with an average body weight of 55 ± 1.5 kg were fed a diet containing from 5 to 30% (Expt. 1) or 0 to 25% (Expt. 2) raw rape seeds. The digestibility of the diet was determined by either the indicator method (Expt. 1) or total collection method (Expt. 2). Metabolizability of energy was also determined in experiment 2. The apparent digestibility of crude protein was not dependent on the proportion of rape seeds in the diet, whereas the digestibility and metabolizability of energy decreased after the rape seed content exceeded 15% (Expt. 2) or 20% (Expt. 1). The mean coefficient of digestibility and metabolizability of energy and apparent digestibility of protein determined by multiple equations when the rape seed content equalled to 15 and 20%, were: 76.1 ± 1.8%, 66.4 ± 2.4% and 75.8 ± 3.5%, respectively. The digestible and metabolizable energy contents and digestible protein content in 1 kg DM of seeds were, respectively: 22.4, 20.2 MJ and 156 g.
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