The effect of nettle (Urtica dioica) extract on fattening performance and fatty acid profile in the meat and serum lipids of pigs
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National Research Institute of Animal Production, Department of Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, 32-083 Balice, Poland
E. Hanczakowska   

National Research Institute of Animal Production, Department of Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, 32-083 Balice, Poland
Publication date: 2006-09-21
J. Anim. Feed Sci. 2006;15(Suppl. 1):81–84
From a body weight of 60 to 112 kg, forty-two pigs were fed a standard diet that was either not supplemented (control) or supplemented with a dried water extract of nettle (NE) at a rate of 500 (group LN) or 1000 mg/kg (group HN). Protein deposition was greater in LN than in HN or control pigs. The higher level of NE resulted in decreased body weight gains and increased loin eye area. NE induced changes in the fatty acid profile of meat, but in the blood, it failed to affect the total cholesterol (TC) concentration, while decreasing the HDL level and TC/HDL ratio.
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